2014 PDGA United States Women's Disc Golf Championship

2014 USWDGC Logo

Sept. 19-21, 2014 at the International Disc Golf Center in Wildwood Park, Appling, GA

Hosted by Mom and Oldman Wallis

This event is open to all female PDGA members

Registration is open at The Disc Golf Scene

Official list of registered players is at PDGA.com

"LIKE" our Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/USWDGC

The PDGA webpage: www.pdga.com/women/uswdgc

Fundraiser Discs available at Disc Golf United


Susan Macaluso/
Sister Sue dye4u
Juliana Korver
Cameron Todd
Innova Disc Golf
Robyn Tindall
The Professional Disc
Golf Association
Illinois Disc Golf/
Mom & Oldman Wallis
Disc Diva
Flying Colors Disc Golf
Skeet Scienski
Addie Isbell Strozier/
Captured By Addie Photography
ABC Discs
Brandi & Chuck Wallis
Killer B Disc Golf
John Dorn Art
Jay & Deb Svitko/
Lemon Lake Flight Center
Road ID
Dynamic Discs
Disc Golf Association
Prodigy Disc
So Many Roads
Craig Wrenn

Contact Info
Phone: Oldman Wallis (309)676-8561
Facebook: Bill Oldman Wallis E-mail: oldmanwallis@comcast.net

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